Unity certification training with a simple game

On the first semester during Software Developer at Dania Games we had to prepare for taking the Unity Certified Programmer exam. This included going through an online course but also a small one week project, where we had to use what we learned in the course. Play the game online here! (Keyboard and mouse needed)


We worked together using Unity Colab, but we also did a lot of pair-programming and -designing during development. The game idea was one we had created earlier. We thought it was simple enough, that it could be implemented in less than a week.

We used Kenney.nl for the 2D assets and the music is made by Oliver.

Personal takeaway

This project really sharpened my skills in Unity. It made me feel comfortable enough to take the Unity certification exam.

Which I passed 😁

Unity certificate online

Unity certificate pdf

Team member:
Oliver Vejen

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