About Me

Hi I am Jonathan B. Jørgensen :wave:
I’m a game developer and entrepreneur from Denmark. I have always liked math, problem-solving and games. My passions lead me to start experimenting with game development from a young age. My long-term dream is owning or being part of a small independent game studio.

I like to work in small teams, where I am comfortable at taking a leading role. When I am working on something, I often take a very perfectionistic approach and usually spend a lot of time optimizing and getting the code just right. I like using new technologies and coming up with my own solutions when working. I am also a huge supporter of open source software and tools.












Azure DevOps


Other skills

Distributed systems
Unified Process
Test Driven Development
Project management
Game design
Virtual Reality
Maschine learning

Professional Bachelor of Software Development at Dania Games

2020 — present

A top-up bachelor in Software Development [🇩🇰 Softwareudvikling]. Based on my previous knowledge on Applied Computer Science and Game Development, this education aims to expand my knowledge in both game and software development. I will learn about computer graphics, machine learning, large integrated systems and more.

Game Producer Education at Game Hub Denmark

2020 — present

Ongoing education about becoming a game producer [🇩🇰 Spilproducer]. Will include subjects such as project/team management, pipelines, publisher deals, fundraising and pitching.

Co-owner and developer at dare.solutions

2018 — present

Dare Solutions I/S was started by me and Oliver Vejen while studying at Dania Games in 2018. In 2019 we both had our internship as an entrepreneurial internship [🇩🇰 iværksætterpraktik] in the company. Our goal with the company is develop software, apps, websites and games which are very individualized and based on new and open standards. Eventually the company should be able to found our shared game studio goals.

Industry Project at Centre for Digital Media

Jan 2019 — May 2019

Student abroad participating in the Industry Project (spring term). Working as Lead Programmer in a project group of 5 on a VR project for archeologists.

Applied Computer Science at Dania Games

2017 — 2020

Applied Computer Science [🇩🇰 Datamatiker] education with focus on game development I was taught about standard computer science courses, but with projects focused on game development as well as a few game development courses such as game-design and content-analysis.